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About a year ago I was sitting up in the palapa watching Bob paint. Looking around the room, I saw stacks of work from our 20 years together. I thought: Shit why aren’t we turning all this stuff into Coffee mug art and tee shirts and what not. Why in the hell are we still going to work doing drywall, production, cooking and what ever else comes our way?
I said : “Self? We may never be seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but this could be really fun wearable art.”
Right then I got brave, posting our art on Instagram. The next day my girlfriend Veronica called. She said she adored my art and where could she go to order some of my drawings as napkins, and coffee mugs and tote bags. She had many friends she thought would love our art and where was our website, so she could start ordering?
Well Thank You Missy V- You single handedly lit a firecracker under our back sides and got us moving! You are our seed of inspiration, by sharing that you loved what we do, you have given us the courage to open Barefoot Artes.
To you we toast.

And… all ya alls out there?… Might you be the whisper in someone’s ear, that takes them from fear to courage and sets them on their way to sharing their artistic gifts with the world.

Te Amamos Veronica. Animo!!!!!
Xoxoxoxo BBQ BOB and Missy D

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