The Venus Projects

The Birth of the Venus Projects came of listening to my Latin girlfriend’s chat together with wide open mouths and voices, while within the safety of the sisterhood, but when they stepped before a crowd or into their own homes, their throats tightened, and they became a mere whisper.
Being an American woman raised in the 60’s, trained in Theatre and possessing the MOUTH THAT ROARED, I took it upon myself to help my friends open their voices, learn to breathe deeply and feel the freedom of expression.

We met twice per week, to explore our inner terrain, inner personality training that had created this disconnect from throat to sound. We wrote, we moved, we sang, we danced, and four months later we put on a show of 9 monologues, interweaving our-selves into each other’s pieces and asking others to step in to perform in ours.

We have birthed three projects, thus far, and when we can gather, in the midst of careers, child rearing and general living, we shall create another.
In the Meantime, I am available to come to your town and put together a workshop format to address similar vocal issues and explore our creativity and inner messages that need to be birthed!!!

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Dana’s Writting

Screen Plays
Lost and Found - Full length feature based upon a true 1980’s relationship between a gang and a young architect.

Chrysallis - A full length play about the creative process and our internal monologues.

Rodeo Queen- Country Americana.

Interested parties can contact Dana at